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Review your myCalSTRS account

adult and child picking things out of a stream

As you prepare for a new school year, it’s a good time to review your myCalSTRS account and update your personal information.

While you’re checking your address and contact information, make sure you’ve designated one or more recipients for your one-time death benefit. This can be a person, trust, estate, charitable organization, corporation or public entity.

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Still serving our members remotely

web conference meeting on a laptop

CalSTRS continues to focus on serving our members during the fight against COVID-19. We have moved all member services to virtual or telephone sessions. To protect the health and safety of members and employees, our member service centers will remain closed to visits and forms drop-off until further notice.

Video VideoJuly 1, 2020

Retirement Readiness: We’re here for you

Retirement Readiness: We’re here for you

Although our physical offices are closed, we’re offering educational webinars on and CalSTRS benefits specialists are still available during business hours for benefit planning sessions via telephone. Please submit your Service Retirement Application at or through the mail.

Hear from Sandy Blair, CalSTRS Retirement Readiness director, for more on how we’ve adjusted the way we’re doing business during the pandemic. 

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Oil, gas and the transition to a low-carbon economy

Portfolio Manager Brian Rice is smiling, wearing glasses, a red tie and suit jacket.

The Environmental Defense Fund is one of the world’s largest environmental organizations, with more than 2.5 million members and a staff of 700 scientists, economists, policy experts and other professionals around the world. CalSTRS consults with EDF on environmental issues that may impact our investments and engagement activities.

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Your benefit is secure

A lot has changed over the past few months, and we understand this has been a difficult time for our members. Seemingly overnight, schools transitioned from planning the final classroom days of the 2019-20 school year to remote learning and social distancing. Educators scrambled to adapt lesson plans. Classes and exams moved online. Graduations and end-of-year celebrations were cancelled. These challenges do not begin to account for all the disruption in our members’ personal lives.

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Teachers connect in classroom and beyond

child in front of chalk board with Thank You  Teacher written

We celebrate educators at CalSTRS all year long, so we wanted to give you some extra kudos to celebrate National Teachers’ Day this May 5.

Your love for your students and passion for education are particularly evident during these challenging times.  

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Three things to know this tax season

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, the federal and state tax filing deadlines have been extended to July 15. We want to make sure you have the information you need for an easy tax filing season this year.

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CalSTRS operations during COVID-19

We are here to help

Every day brings new developments related to the coronavirus, and the uncertainty can be unsettling. During these challenging times, we want you to know that the health and wellness of our members and staff are our top priorities. We remain committed to securing the financial future of California’s educators. You can rely on us to pay your benefits and help you prepare for retirement.

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Spring into action with myCalSTRS

myCalSTRS is simple, secure and convenient

You can postpone spring cleaning for a few weeks, but don’t delay taking the opportunity to sign up for myCalSTRS—where you can view important messages and information about your retirement any time you’d like.

Become one of the more than 200,000 CalSTRS members who have already signed up to use myCalSTRS.

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CalSTRS LOVES teachers

Photo of Rosemary Mullane

It’s February and love is in the air! It’s the perfect time to appreciate the contributions our teachers make to benefit the lives of their students. We asked our members what fuels their passion and their secret for a rewarding career.


The value of engagement

The value of engagement

As a long-term investor, CalSTRS engages companies to align their policies and business practices with the changing world around us. This short, animated video explains how engagement improves corporate sustainability and creates long-term value for CalSTRS members.

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CalSTRS acts on climate

Whether you’re retired or actively teaching, chances are you’ve spoken with a young person who is concerned about climate change. In less than two years, the climate strike movement has spanned millions of people in hundreds of countries around the globe, and the movement’s protests reflect the public’s growing sense of urgency for governments and businesses to act on climate.

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Retirement planning IRL (in real life)

map of CalSTRS member service centers in California

In an age when smartphones and web apps are displacing real-life interaction, sometimes “old-fashioned” communication is the most effective way to have your questions answered.

That’s why we encourage you to visit CalSTRS in person as you plan your retirement.

We have eight member service centers, including our headquarters in West Sacramento, where you can learn about retirement—whether it’s close at hand or far in the future.

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Our New Year’s resolution

High school teacher helping students using tablet computer

Most folks’ New Year’s resolutions are about exercising more, eating healthy or saving more money.

One of CalSTRS’ New Year’s resolutions is to keep up an annual tradition: learning from you.