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Our New Year’s resolution

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Most folks’ New Year’s resolutions are about exercising more, eating healthy or saving more money.

One of CalSTRS’ New Year’s resolutions is to keep up an annual tradition: learning from you.

Video VideoDecember 23, 2019

Holiday Greeting From CEO Jack Ehnes

Holiday Greeting From CEO Jack Ehnes

Happy holidays from CalSTRS CEO Jack Ehnes and all of us at CalSTRS: We can’t thank you enough for all the work you do. Enjoy some time to rest and recharge.

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Give Yourself the Gift of Compound Interest

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It’s the holiday season, and right now you’re probably worried about finding the right gift for everyone on your list. We understand the feeling! But while you’re fulfilling everyone else’s holiday wishes, consider giving yourself a more secure retirement by starting or increasing your contribution to your supplemental savings account.

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Plan Ahead to Fill the Retirement Income Gap

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What California’s educators need to know about Social Security

In a world with few assurances about future income, the CalSTRS Defined Benefit Program is like a security blanket for California educators. If you’ve worked a full career in education, 50-60% of your preretirement income will be replaced with your pension.

The challenge, however, is that financial experts advise replacing 80-90% of your preretirement income annually once you retire.

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Understanding Your Retirement Benefit Formula

As a California educator, you help build a better future for your students while you work toward a secure financial future of your own.

The CalSTRS Defined Benefit Program is the cornerstone of your educator retirement savings and also provides survivor and disability benefits. CalSTRS invests contributions from the state, your employer and your monthly paycheck to ensure a reliable monthly retirement benefit for all our members.